5 free network apps for rooted Androids

Once again we have with the most interesting articles of 7 free network apps that can be used for the rooted android devices. If you have no idea about these hacking apps let us show you the detailed information about these hacking apps. You can use My wifi extender connection of your neighbor through installing these amazing apps into your android devices.


WPA WPS Tester is an important network hijacking app for the rooted android phones. You will not find this app in the Google play store. But you will find it from the search button. Once you launch this app you will be provided vulnerable wifi in the green tab. Click on green tab and you can easily hack wifi password for free use.


This works in both rooted and non-rooted devices.  It is a powerful app shows you how much devices are connected to your devices.  This is used by the professionals to get the details about the users and hosts. It helps in finding vulnerable part of the network.

APK Inspector

Another free networking application is here for the rooted devices. APK Inspector can crack any of the android’s source code to use their full features.   It is most popular application is reverse engineering. You can launch reverse engineering and control on android apps by making necessary changes.

Andro Rat

It is the first ever remote application that enables to use some other system via its remote connection. The tiny app works smartly to control other functions of computer or Smartphone. Most probably people use this in illegal ways to hack someone’s important data or to do some illegal activities.


Dsploit is a best application to find the networks users on your wifi network. This is accessible to get the data of the hosts or connected devices into your Smartphone. This is used as a login cracker, simple sniff, password sniffer and lots of other features designed for the crackers and hackers.

So here are the five important free network applications that are used to crack the password. This is simply used to check the people connected to your device. So you can change your password and enjoy full speed internet data.