Imagine you are very happy after attending your friend’s party and get the shock of your life when you don’t see your Bike anywhere. It’s LOST…..! And then you remember this famous line ‘Safety is better than cure,’

Cycles were the cheapest mode of transportation in the past and have been modified now with many features like gears, improved breaks, better quality tyres etc. The earlier bike locks were normally U-shaped, can be easily broken and were unable to withstand extreme pressures. This article will help you to get the Best Bike locks.



They are most popular used bike locks available even today. It is a U-shaped stiff metal. This bulky locking mechanism prevents breaking by hammers or chisels. They are found in various shapes that are adjustable to your two-wheeler and vary from light to heavy in weight.


This lock is made up of spiral spring cable, coated with a thick plastic. They are very flexible to use and have versatile looks. It’s easy to carry due to its light weight and can be coiled easily whenever not in use. These locks are preferred more that the U-shaped locks.


kryptonite kryptolok lock

The Kryptonite locks are the strongest, toughest and unbreakable locks made by Fahgettaboudit. The company has a reputation of making locks that give you upmost security. It is made from hardened steel which forces the bolt cutters to think twice before even touching the lock. The lock has double deadbolt design in which the robber has to cut both the ends of the lock and is operated using a disc cylinder that is difficult to carry. The lock weights about 4 pounds and has vinyl coating which keeps scratches away.


The lock is similar to normal U-shaped locks popularly used, but is light weight yet provides security. It has a ‘mini U lock’ and is made up of hardened steel. It consists of lock cylinder which has a double deadbolt design providing maximum security. It weighs 2 pounds, 2.6 inches width and 9 inches in length.