Top 5 Most Popular Card Games

Are you a passionate card gamer? Then you must be well aware of the most played card games of the world. Check out if you are in love with these top popular card games. As we have already posted on methods and rules of several indoor games, knowing the most loved card games will be a fun too. If you are not playing these interesting games, do follow our blog to know the rules of the games and how to play. Card games are played in almost all the parts of the world since ancient times. In spite of arrival of the solitaire on computers and other online card games, the games are still played with cards. Card games are still popular among kids and adults. Games like housie, bridge, and spades are still played in social gatherings.

Know the Best Card Games

Here we have listed some most popular card games of the word. The games are played in all the continents with slight variations.

Crazy Eights

Crazy eights is still a card game that keeps a family involved together during leisure hours inside their homes. Crazy eights card game equally popular among kids, teenagers, and adults. The player who uses off all the cards first wins the game.



The solitaire is the most popular card game played on the PCs. There are various versions of solitaire like classic, spider, and others. It is a good way of getting refreshment for few minutes while you are working for long hours on your PCs. The best thing about Solitaire is that you can play it alone.


Spades is the most popular card game which was evolved in US around 1930. It can be played by individual player as well by forming teams of two or more players. The objective is to reach 500 points before the opponent team. Each player gets 13 cards to play. A trump card decides the fate of a suit. The rules of spades also defined at our portal.



Hearts is yet another trick taking card game like bridge and spades. The game is played with a regular deck of cards numbering 52. Four players play hearts with each card carrying different points.

Besides these card games, phase 10, old maid, and go fish are other popular games. These common indoor games are popular worldwide and also played online.